Wings of Greendieta

Have you ever admired the beautiful wings of Greendieta? Do you think you are strong and brave enough to fight for them?

How to get them (Lvl. 61+ required)
In order to get the “Wings of Greendieta” you have to collect three different feathers called Feather of Beauty, Feather of Bravery and Feather of Nobility. Different ways of obtaining them will be available, so that anyone has the chance to combine the three feathers to the highly coveted “Wings of Greendieta” – PvE and PvP Skills are required to earn the Wings.

Feather of Beauty
Drop: Greendieta and Sacra

Feather of Bravery
Drop: D-Water

Feather of Nobility
Drop: Nobility Mystery Box

Note: The Feathers are tradeable and can be obtained from Item Mall as well!

As soon as you have all three feathers the NPC (Greendieta Sienna and Greendieta Hailey in Gliter/Keolloseu) will exchange them against the “Wings of Greendieta”.

Greendieta Sienna
Greendieta Hailey

Keep in mind you can repeat these quests to obtain all the wings! The wings have +10 stats and are able to dye them. Below you’ll see the design of the wings.