Token System

A new special currency available in the game directly which can be found in north of Boltagate near Azzin and Azzine. The two new NPCs are Facade and Izac Nocton. Facade provides daily quests and Izac Nocton has a shop for the new tokens. The tokens are Copper, Silver and Gold.

Izac Nocton
Token Shop

Let’s win some tokens

NPC: Facade

❥ Kill 10x Foxes

❥ 1x Copper Token

Foxes can be located outside of Beika on AoL and outside of Aridon on UoF.

NOTE! This quest is repeatable! You can repeat it at 00:00 the next day server time.
The Tokens are stored within the shop, so do not worry since you won’t find them in your bags.

Be sure to check this shop in the future as the items might change and the quest itself might also change. If you have more questions, please ask GMs.