Shaiya US Discord

It is important for us to be closer and more accessible for our community, as well as bringing everyone together and promote communication between players.

This is why we are making the Shaiya Community Discord Server official! This server was set up by [GM]Dox, and we want to give it new life and make it a platform for the community to communicate as a whole and to easily poke GMs and
CMs if they have any issues.

We thought it would be an easier way for us to communicate updates and news to you guys as well as easier for you to contact us. We’ll still keep an eye on the shoutbox and other media, but we want to centralize the communication on a platform that is easier and intuitive to use.

From Shaiyas webpage, 2018

Shaiya US Has a public discord which you can join by heading here:

Once joining, you have the ability to chat to a GM if you can find one of us hanging around in game! Get the latest updates, view the event/boost calendars and have a good time! There are a few things to keep in mind when joining though.

1. Upon joining you will be placed in a holding room, from there you will have to contact a GM and send them a screenshot of your character in game and this screenshot must be very recent & The GM you contacted will take things from there. We will never contact you first asking for your screenshot

2. No GM/CM/CS etc will send you a friend request on Discord

3. No GM/CM/CS etc will send you any links and request you follow them. If you require a link, you ask us first.

Rules of Discord are as follows:

Do not insult or accuse others with derogatory language or derogatory actions.
Treat others with respect and proper language.
Harassment and Provocation as is Racism are strictly forbidden.
Do not promote games, private servers, or third party software associated or not associated with Shaiya.
The chat is to remain appropriate for all ages. Any sexually explicit or inappropriate content is forbidden.
Swearing is to be kept to a minimum.
Deliberately creating toxic situations or debates in order to undermine other players or the staff will not be acceptable.
Do not abuse @ tags, doing so may be considered spam.
Do not spam any chat. -Use each channel appropriately. The purpose of each channel can be found in its description or pinned in the channel.
Any insult towards the Aeria staff (which includes the GM, CM team, CS team or Devs obviously) or Aeria company/Gamigo group is strictly forbidden. We are open to discussion, not to libel.
GM’s will not answer private messages regarding game bans anymore. You need to discuss this via ticket and only via ticket.
We will no longer allow perma-tags for your names, these can be mistaken or associated with the Aeria Staff, including Game Masters.
Doxxing is strictly forbidden. Definition: “Doxxing is the search for and or publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent“.

Fine Print Rules
The GM’s may moderate to their own discretion in extreme situations.
Any complaints or concerns about abuse may be brought to a GM’s attention at any time.
The GM’s may also change, remove, or add any rules at any time.
If you believe a ban has been carried out unfairly, you may discuss it with the acting GM, however, it remains up to the discretion of the GM to withdraw or sustain the ban. Any complaints on the GM staff may be directly reported via ticket at
The severity of a sanction always depends on the severity of the offense and the review of the offender’s past record.
Players are responsible for all of their sent messages. Action may be taken against deleted messages if the deleted messages violate server rules.
Exploiting discord to avoid mutes/bans will result in a permanent ban of your account and any associated accounts.

Channel rooms:
General Chat – This room is generally used for any conversations game related.
Chat Room – This room is to be used for other types of conversations.
Support – This room is to be used to ask questions or to contact staff for support.
Music – Here you can post videos and or music.
Trade – Here you can buy or sell goods from the game, bear in mind that any and all cash sales are strictly prohibited.
SYUS PVP Videos – Here you can post PVP videos from SYUS PVP. This channel is not for discussion.
Chat Mutes – This channel is for only posting the name of the player who is muted.
Useful links channel – Here you’ll find useful links.