Painting System – Dyes

Weapon Dye

Armor Dye

Mount Dye

Pet Dye

Costume Dye

Wing Dye

Shaiya has six different dye scrolls which means you can change colors on your weapons, armors, mounts, pets, costumes and wings. You can obtain the dye from item mall, except for wing dye. Wing dye is either obtained through certain tiers or through a quest. However, all of these dyes can also be bought from Auction House Board.

How to use dye scrolls

1. Click on the dye scroll you have obtained.
2. Drag the item you want to be dyed in the “Painting Item”.
3. Now you can click “Sampling”.
4. Five different random colors will appear. If you are not happy with these selection, you can click “Sampling” again and new colors will appear. If you are happy with the selection, you can click “Dyeing”.
5. Now you have a 1/5 chance of getting the color you want. Remember, this is random selection and you may need to do this multiple times in order to get your color of choice.
6. If you got your color of choice, congrats! You have now successfully changed color on the item.

An overview of the painting system