Overview of Ranks

In Shaiya, you can obtain ranks by killing players of opposite faction and with ranks you can obtain additional stat points to increase your stats. You can follow players kills from ranking site on Shaiyas webpage. In the picture below, you will be able to find all of the ranks in Shaiya and their stat with the different modes. Keep in mind that you cannot create Normal Mode anymore, but old players still existing Normal Toons and therefore the stats of them was added.

Overview of ranks with different modes: normal, basic and ultimate and their stat points.

After killing a player from opposite faction, the symbol will appear above your toon, but the rank stat points must be claimed from the Vet Manager in Apulune at Stardust Knights (AoL) and Iris at Narsilian Hall. You will also be able to obtain gold from Vet Manager based on how many times you have died in PvP. A Stat Reset Stone will reset your stat points, so you will need to talk again to the Vet Manager to claim the rank stat points.

You will only obtain kills if player is within your lvl range (± 6 lvls)
Rank stat points can be obtained from lvl 16+. That means rank stats have no effect in Proelium PvP.