Kherje, Daga and Rilikh Quest

Utya has moved to Lupus Town in D-Water to create a new home, but in the process summoned her minions to protect her.

During April 2021, Utya moved her and her minions to D-Water at Lupus Town. After Utya had settled her down, three new NPC moved to capitals (Apulune and Iris) to give you tips on how to defeat her. Utya’s Madness is tailor-made for level 80 players who are ready for challenges that will test their skills to the limit. It is up to players to defeat the Army of the Ocean and Utya herself to take home some great loot. 


Daga is one of three new NPC’s that moved to capitals (Iris/Apulune). Daga is also the sister of Utya and explains Utya was one a kind and humble queen until a weird creature moved into their kingdom. The monster took advantage of Utya naiveness and Utya began acting weird. Utya will then give you various quests that unlocks a different one upon completion

Quest #1 – The Madness of Utya
Objective: Kill 25 Tide Guardians
Reward: 7d version of Tide

Quest #2 – The source of Utya’s Power
Objective: Collect 50 Utya’s Gift from Tide Guardians and Tide Witches
Reward: 7d version of Kassa

Quest #3 – Queen of the Ocean
Objective: Kill Utya 50 times
Reward: Permanent version of Tide


Kherje was one of the soldiers for Queen Utya before she turned evil by the mysterious monster. Kherje wants you to weak the army in order to take down Utya. He does not wanna partake it in as most of them are his friends.

Quest – The Army of the Ocean
Objective: Kill 50 Tide Guardians and 30 Tide Witches
Reward: 7d version of Kaspian


Rillikh is also one of the guardians of Utya that was saved by Utya’s sister, Daga. She wants you to eliminate the opposite faction as they can interfere the important mission. The PvP conflict can wait, but Utya’s wrath cannot!

Quest #1 – Removal of Nuisance

Objective: Kill 20 members of the opposite faction
Reward: Crowly Wing Dye

Quest #2 – Extermination of Nuisances
Objective: Kill 200 members of the opposite faction
Reward: Ocean Wings (Lv1 version)

The monsters of Lupus Town

Overview of the rewards