How to submit a proper GM service request

Don’t worry, we are here to help you!

Have you sent in a GM service request before, but have gotten it denied? Chances are you did fill out the form incorrectly. But do not worry, we’ll show you how to make a proper request.

When you are submitting requests, you’ll have to list the E-mail of your account that the item is on.
If you would like to follow to see if the service is done, make a Glyph account as you will be able to see if the service is complete or if it got denied.

A confirmation that my GM Service Request of Lapis of Choice was approved.

Here’ll go step by step by the form:

1. Go to the GM Service page and fill out the general information. Remember, use the information of the account that the item service is on.

Fill out:

Name of your account.

The E-mail that is attached on your account. If you are unsure where to find this, go to your aeriagames profile – settings – account.

Select the server you are playing on.

2. Click on the service you’d like to request. Let’s take Item Transfer as an example. You’ll get some information about the Item Transfer itself. It is important to read the details as you’ll get an understanding on how to request this service. It also tells you about the limitations as you cannot transfer wings with this request.

Fill out:

Where is the item. Is the item on another account, please explain which account it is on.

Name of the item. Here you name the item you want transferred. Use exact name and be specific!

Where the item is located that you want transfered. As an example “Inventory of [GM]TimberWolf, tab 5, slot 1”

The last one is an option if you are sending the item to another character. Use exact name and be specific!

3. Before you submit the request, double check that ALL information are filled out and that they are correctly spelled. Do NOT rename your character if you are doing a GM Service as the Costumer Support will not be able to located this item!

4. If you are confident that everything is correct, you can submit.

5. Do not reply/bump your ticket if you haven’t received an answer from costumer support yet, as it will only send your ticket back to the end of the queue.

6. If you are seeing that the request haven’t been done within 14 working days, you must contact a Game Master either ingame or Discord with the request #.