Guilds are a community of players that is formed to protect mutual interests and make friends. Guilds are be used for communication, to obtain benefits and make friends. But how do you make a guild? No problem, we got you covered.

How to make a guild?

Anyone can attempt to form a guild at the Guild Master NPC, but there are a couple requirements, so lets dive into the three groups of requirements that are “General requirements“, “Requirement for guildleader” and “Requirement for guild members“.

General requirements
❥ Party of 7 people
❥ Guild message must be put
❥ All members must say “Yes”
❥ Guild name cannot contain any space, punctuation marks and hyphens.

Requirement for guild leader
❥ Has to have the leadership of the party
❥ Must have 1000 gold

Requirement for guild members
❥ Not have applied to any guilds within the last 72 hours
❥ Not be on any guild lists

NOTE! You can by pass the last requirement on “General requirements” by changing the Shaiya US language to German as they allow this.

Guild Master – AoL

❥ Kelleoseu on Map 1
❥ Arke on Map 5
❥ Apulune
❥ Boltagate

Guild Master – UoF

❥ Gliter on Map 1
❥ Abarona on Map 5
❥ Iris
❥ Boltagate

There are several things you can do with your guild like Guild Ranking Battle every Saturdays, make a Guild House and do Guild vs Guild battles!