Guide to “Return of the Cryptic One (ROTCO)” dungeon

After the patch on 05.05.21, ROTCO dungeon was revamped. This means the bosses got stronger and new drops was added such as Mechanic Lapis #1 / #2 / #3, Luminous Armor Token (Helmet)/(Upper) and Lv. 80 Cape. The patch also included a wipe the quest and the “Energy Crystal” to let all players start at the same point. That means you have to redo the quest again. We’ll come back to the quest a bit later in this post.

Return of the Cryptic One, also known as ROTCO and Cryptic II, is a dungeon at Ales in Kanos Illum. To enter ROTCO, you will need a key called “Energy Crystal”. If you want to team up with other players, they will also need the key to enter.

Overview of Cryptic II Dungeon.

This dungeon is the home to several bosses which can be found in the different rooms as seen in picture above The design of the dungeon resembles the Core. In the different rooms, you will find these Lvl 75 bosses:

Fury Kirihiross
Cannibal Hydra
Part I: Cryptic Back
Fierce Nantarios
Cryptic Peri Queen

Part II: Cryptic The Immortal
Dlizabeth Eathory
Cryptic Bulldozer
Part III: The Cryptic One

Finally, we are at the quest part. What you need to do first is to head to Servus Colony dungeon in Valdemar Regnum (If you are AoL) or Queen Caput dungeon in Palaion Regnum (if you are UoF). Here you will need to kill bees until you get Unidentified Document which will start the quest Rumor.

Head to Kanos Illum and talk to Alex Rodric (AoL) or Klaim Setor (UoF). Talk to them and it will unlock Trace.

Collect 3 Evidence of heresy from either Valdemar Scaremonger or Palaion Scaremonger. You will them them at these positions and they have a quick respawn. After completing Trace, it will unlock Spirit Execution (1).

Valdemar Scaremonger can be found at the green locations.
Palaion Scaremonger can be found at the green locations.

Spirit Execution (1)
Collect 10 Flame Fragments and 10 Wind Fragments. You will need to head to Ales area to kill wind monsters as they will drop Wind Fragments. For Flame Fragments, you will need to head to Lumen and kill fire monsters. In order to kill monsters at these places, your faction needs to have control over The Altar of Etain (Ales) and Cruor Relic (Lumen). After you have collect all the fragments, head back to Alex/Klaim and this will unlock Spirit Execution (2).

Spirit Execution (2)
Collect 10 Earth Fragments and 10 Ice Fragments. Earth Fragments are dropped by earth monsters at Dentatus and Ice Fragments are dropped by water monsters at Secreta. In order to kill monsters at these places, your faction needs to have controll over The Altar of Etain (Dentacus) and Animus Relic (Secreta). Return to Alex/Klaim after collecting the fragments and this will unlock Punishment (1).

Wind Fragments

Fire Fragments

Ice Fragments

Earth Fragments

Punishment (1)
Kill Ales and Lumen. Return to Alex/Klaim and this will unlock Punishment (2).


Punishment (2)
Kill Dentatus and Secreta. Return to Alex/Klaim and this will unlock Chaos Begins.


Chaos Begins
Head to Zeharr’s Mine at Dentatus and talk to the big dragon inside the dungon called Zeharr Teololema. This will unlock Test

Kill 200 of opposite faction and head back to Zeharr Teololema and recieve Energy Crystal. Test can be repeated so it is possible to collect many Energy Crystals. Now you can enter ROTCO dungeon with the Energy Crystal!

Here is an overview of what awaits you ahead inside ROTCO dungeon!