Go(a)lden Days

Go(a)lden Days are currently running over at Gamigogames and this means players can participate in the November event. Are you ready to take home the trophy?

You can win a gaming keyboard and gaming mouse sponsored by HAVIT. They will be giving this away to three lucky winners.

To participate in their event, you will need to collect Go(a)lden Tickets! One ticket is one entry in the event, and there is no limit to how many entries per person.

The event is from 15th November 2022 and it will end 30th November 2022.

ShaiyaInfo was selected to become one of their content creators during the Go(a)lden Days event.
We have been given 5x Go(a)lden Tickets that we would like for our community to win!

We will select out a couple of winners and you can participate by completing a form. Simple, right?
Please fill out this form.

The lucky winners of these Go(a)lden Tickets will be select the 29th of November 2022!

The winners are:
❥ Ryu.
❥ Valkyria
❥ Spanky

The codes will be sent to your discord within today (30th of November, 2022).

At the end of Go(a)lden Days, Gamigogames will be holding a Twitch Stream at 2nd December 2022 (10 AM CST / 7 PM CET / 1 PM EST) to announce the winners of the gaming keyboard and gaming mouse. You do not wanna miss that stream, so be sure to mark down the time and join the Gamigogames stream!