Gift Codes

Every now and then, Shaiya offers a gift to players through their website. Be sure to check there regularly in case new gifts are available. Please look below for the gift codes, rewards, and how to receive these codes.

How to receive these exclusive gift code E-mails?

Codes to these redeemable gifts will sometime be listed on the website or it will be sent out on E-mail. You will need to check a mark in your AeriaGames profile to receive these E-mails. If you have not done that, do not fear as we will how to do it.

1. Log into your AeriaGames profile through Shaiya Webpage.

2. Click on your Account name → My profile → Edit profile → Notifications (see picture)

Click on the box “Aeria Games Communitcation” to activate the exclusive E-mail offers aka gift codes.

3. With every new patch, an E-mail will send out to a selective amount of players.