Difficulty Modes

When creating a character, you need to select a name, class, sex, and a profession for your character. You will also have to choose the difficulty setting for your gameplay experience. The modes are as follows: Basic Mode (also know as Hard Mode) and Ultimate Mode.

Random facts: There used to be four modes before known as Easy Mode, Normal Mode, Hard Mode and Ultimate Mode.

Lets dive into the difference between Basic Mode and Ultimate Mode, along their advantages and disadvantages.


EXP Rate


Stat points per lvl


PvP rank points

Basic Mode


Basic skills

7 (total 553)

Cannot use UM gear (except crafted helmets)

Less PvP rank points

Ultimate Mode


Basic skills + bonus skills

9 (total 711)

Full access to gear

More PvP rank points


😊 Fast lvl up
😊 No need for resurrection rune


😔 Less skill point
😔 Less stat point
😔 Less PvP rank points
😔 Limitation to UM gear


😊 More stat points
😊 More skill points
😊 More PvP rank points
😊 No limitation to gear


😔 Requires more EXP to level up
😔 Ressurection rune required to prevent your character from being deleted upon death