Cryptic One’s Throne – 60 Epic weapons quest

You have probably seen the Epic 60 weapons on people, and you have wondered how to get them? Do not worry as this post will guide you to those divine weapons. So, here we go!

Head to map 2 and you will need to head to these areas (depends on your faction). You will need to kill the boss outside the dungeon because this will unlock the ability to enter the portal dungeon.

AoL – Map 2
UoF – Map 2

Kill Freezing Mirage (human form) and then it’ll spawn Freezing Mirage (dragon form). Kill the dragon and the portal will open into Cryptic One’s Throne.

Kill Haruhion (human form) and then it’ll spawn Haruhion (dragon form). Kill the dragon form and the portal will open into Cryptic One’s Throne.

A map of Cryptic One’s Throne with details to reach the final room.
Each boss in here has different ele as their defense.

How to reach to the final bosses

1. Kill Deinos The Dream (Lv. 62) and this’ll unlock portal to get further into the dungeon. Head to boss 2.
2. Kill Nantarios (Lv. 62) and head to room 3.
3. Kill Parrdalis (Lv. 64). This unlock the portal to room 4.
4. Kill Blizabeth Eathory (Lv. 63). Now you can enter the 5th room.
5. Kill Alcarian The Flame (Lv 64) and Alcarian Berserk (Lv 63). Soon, you are almost there – you can now enter the 6th room.
6. Kill Kirhiross (Lv. 64). Congrats, you can now enter the final room.
7. Kill Cryptic One (66). That will make the last boss spawn called Cryptic The Immortal (69). Collect the item called Power of Kings Wrath.

Cryptic One

Cryptic The Immortal

Level: 66
Ele: Fire
HP: 2100000

Level: 69
Ele: Water
HP: 9999999

NOTE! Cryptic The Immortal has a debuff that will kill you (1 shot) unless you dispel it (from priest/oracle). This means the only class that can solo it is priest/oracle and it’ll take you roughly 20 minutes as a lvl 80.

Quest of Zehar Teorema

Congrats, you made it this far and you have the item Power of King’s Wrath. Head down the hole near Cryptic The Immortal and you’ll get into a portal which makes you fall down to a pit. There you will find a big dragon called Zehar Teorema. Since you have the item Power of King’s Wrath, he will give you a quest.

Zehar Teorema

Crisis of Teos Epeiros

Part 1

Objective: Deliver 1x Power of King’s Wrath

You’ll have the option to choose one of the following:
❥ I am a Warrior/Guardian/Fighter/Defender
❥ I am a Hunter/Assassin/Archer/Ranger
❥ I am a Pagan/Oracle/Mage/Priest

Select the class you did the quest on

This’ll unlock part two.

Reward: 212650 gold

Wise beyond your years

Part 2

Objective: Collect 7x Fragments of King’s Wrath

You’ll have the option to choose 1 of the following, but this depend on what you selected on part 1. Remember to click on your class (read the description).

Fighter: Mellan Skia
Defender: Ampu Fatum
Archer: Death Foshubil
Ranger: Buse Nuiterion
Priest: Optar Rogarr
Mage: Tiamat

Warrior: Mellan Skia
Guardian: Draco Cranio
Hunter: Artraiya Adein
Assassin: Heartseeker
Oracle: Optar Rogarr
Pagan: Tiamat

NB! All of the weapons are 6 slots and CANNOT be enchanted.

Mellan Skia

Ampu Fatum / Draco Cranio
1 handed Blunt


Optar Rogarr

Death Foshubil / Artraiya Adein
Crossbow / Javelin

Buse Nuiterion / Heartseeker
Claws / Reverse Blade