Welcome to Shaiya newest map – Boltagate

Overview of Boltagate

The new place to be – Boltagate.

A place where you can go everywhere you want.

Go to the map Boltagate, find player shops and auction house boards, trade directly with your friends and trading partners, go directly to Oblivion Insula, your Guild House, the Service Center, or even join the FFA event, all from one place.

Boltagate will provide you with new possibilities, and fast travel to the places you want to go.

Once the gates are open, take the quest to get the new teleport rune. Move into the new city and return to where you were, with just one click.

Now you are wondering, how do I get to this majestic and awesome place?!

I am so glad you asked! Please look below for more details 😊

In order to get to Boltagate, you will need to head to AH. There you will have to search for Adile Voisin. She is an old lady that can be found under a ladder next to the blacksmith. Talk to her and you’ll be handed a teleportation stone called Teleport Boltagate Keep. This will be active for 120 minutes, so be sure to head inside. Once you are inside and have clicked on the Notice Board with the blue ? mark, you’ll have a permanent Teleport Boltagate Keep stone.

NOTE! This stone is non-tradable.

Adile Voisin
Adile Voisins quest

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