Blessing of Goddess

Bless bar is depended on caption of Altars and PvP.

The Goddess Blessing is one of the most unique characteristics of Shaiya. Each side of the war seeks the Blessing of their Goddess. Points for the Goddess Blessing are awarded when you slay a member of the opposing faction or when you destroy an enemy relic. The Goddess Blessing is bestowed not only upon you, but the entire realm. The blessing has a multitude of positive effects on you and your faction.

What are the benefits of having bless?

❥ Increase in max HP, MP and SP
❥ Increase in STR, REC, INT, WIS, DEX and LUC
❥ Increases restoration of HP, MP and SP during break
❥ Increases restoration of SP and MP during battle
❥ Increase in critical hit rate
❥ Increase in physical -, shooting – and magic defense power
❥ Increase evasion rate against physical -, shooting – and magic attack
❥ Chance to link and extract lapis increased (5% during full bless)
❥ EXP loss in case of resurrection decreased
❥ Repair cost decreased
❥ Cast time of disposable items decreased

Note: Keep in mind these benefits change depending on the bless bar status, but to see the benefits – just hold the mouse over the bless bar.

Altars have different colors depending on who have control over the altars. If the altar is red, UoF has control. If the altar is green, AoL has control. If the altar is purple, none have control.

During full bless, the altars will all turn purple for 10 minutes until the bless bar has reached zero. The exception of this are altars like Enits Holy Relic and Heres Holy Relic.

Some altars have a defense mechanism like Cantabilian Relic has immune debuff meaning you cannot attack the altar. Make sure you either use UT or Transformation skill as these can bypass the debuffs.

In addition, some altars have poles that can heal the Altar so be sure to kill those first if you are having trouble to capture the altar!

As mention, capturing altars will benefit bless for your faction. You can find the altars on this maps as can be seen down below. Keep in mind these are all PvP maps.

Proelium (15 PvP Zone)
1 Altar
Cantabilian (30 PvP Zone)
1 Altar
D-Water Borderline (80 PvP Zone)
7 Altars
Kanos Illum (80 PvP Zone)
3 Altars
Canyon of Greed (80 PvP Zone)
3 Altars

Information about the altar zones

Proelium has one altar called Proelium Relic.
❥ You can obtain Holywater of Proelium from that altar which restores 1500 HP/SP/MP

Cantabilian has one altar called Cantabilian Relic.
❥ You can obtain Holywater of Cantabilian from that altar which restores 3200 HP/SP/MP.

D-Water Borderline has seven altars which are Heres Holy Relic, Inferus Holy Relic, Remition Holy Relic, Medius Holy Relic, Lucifera Holy Relic, Flagrans Holy Relic and Entis Holy Relic.
❥ You can obtain Holywater of Borderline from those altars which restores 5500 HP/SP/MP.

Kanos Illum has three altars which are called Cruor Relic, Animus Relic and The Altar of Etain.

Canyon of Greed has three altars which are called Veranos Relic, Falanos Relic and Chaos Relic.