Arena Ranking Battle

With the introduction of a new PvP system, matchmaking will now let groups of four players pit themselves against each other. Combatants will compete in a shiny new arena with different instances to earn points. The points achieved will be added up and show the team’s proficiency in a special ranking.

The NPC to register to the arenas is located on the North of Boltagate Keep, and for now, it’s only accessible for level 80 characters. 

How do I register for Arena Ranking Battle?

Head over to Boltagate, and make your way to the northest part. Here you will find three NPCs and these are shown below.

Arenas Officer
Light LvL 80 Arena
Arenas Ranking
Arenas Officer
Fury LvL 80 Arena

You will need to party up with three other players to make a party of 4. The leader of the party will then need to talk to Arenas Officer to register.

Every time an opposing player dies the alliance will gain 10 points, the fight will end if the time reaches 3 minutes or if any team has 100 points. When the fight is over you will see stats for that fight showing kills and kills for each character. The members of the winning group will take 3 honor points and those of the losing team will subtract 2 points.

You can locate your Honor Points in your inventory.

NOTE! The full arenas ranking can be seen on the Arenas Ranking Board next to the NPCs. This ranking is updated every hour, and you can see the points that the top 30 players have. The ranking is reset at the same time as the GRB ranking